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Client Testimonials

"Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me." (NLT)

-John 14:1

Heart troubles can be the worst. Hurts happen.

If you don't take the time to deal with those hurts, they will prevent you from being healthy and whole.

How can you tell if your heart is troubled?

Look at your emotional reactions and figure out the reasons behind your reactions. Then trust.

Orrine Gresham-Oakdale, MN

"My family utilized Ms. Hill's services during a very difficult transition in our lives. The high level of service we received was beyond our expectations. They were always professional but very personable. With juggling the schedule of a large family they were flexible, understanding, and empathic. After 6 years my children still talk about their therapist. I'm very pleased with the service and will continue to use them on this journey called life"

Anonymous-Brooklyn Center, MN

"I am so grateful to Juneau for helping me to accept, forgive and love myself as well as my past; to realize that people are not perfect and are perfectly human and still good people when they make mistakes; that we couldn't give our children what we did not receive ourselves as a child and that it's not our parents fault since they didn't receive it either; when I have negative thoughts to ask myself, "Is it true and what would be more helpful?"; and that I can lovingly speak the truth in my heart even if others disagree. THANK YOU, JUNEAU!"

Anita-Mpls, MN​

"Juneau Hill, we would like to thank you for all of your support, but mainly for being a good friend. With God's help I am sure we will grow together, love more and understand each other better. I heard that when one person reaches out for help, the Lord blesses all. I strongly believe that the Lord puts people into your life for a reason. So personally I would like to thank you and may God shower you with his blessing. Thanks so Much!

One person can change a life, but you changed five, thank you."

Anonymous-St. Paul, MN

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