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Individual, Couples and Family Therapy, Groups, Training, Consultation, and Supervision

Professional Development


-Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

-School Mental Health

-Trauma Informed Care

-Relaxation and Stress Management

-Developmental Guidance

-LICSW Supervision for Licensure


                              Other Services 

-Tele-Health video counseling 

-Mental Health Case Management 

    *Identifying Resources/Needs/Goals

    *Accessing and Coordinating Services 

    *Evaluating and Monitoring Services 

 Couples Counseling

Family Therapy


Mental Health Counseling

Jasira offers weekly office based or in-home counseling sessions with an experienced licensed mental health professional. Jasira offers support to those struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression due to family and relationship conflicts, blended families and co-parenting issues and those with serious mental illnesses, including PTSD from abuse and neglect or traumatic grief and losses. Jasira counselors have experience treating patients with Personality Disorder diagnoses, developmental disabilities and delays and other mood and childhood and behavioral disorders.  

Group Psychotherapy

Mental Health Counseling

Jasira Family Counseling offers quarterly psychotherapy treatment groups for preschool, school age children, teens and parents to uplift and empower those who are struggling socially and emotionally with forming and maintaining relationships and appropriately communicating and expressing emotions.

Jasira Child Stars

children ages 3-6 years old

This group is for toddlers and preschoolers ages 3-6 years old at risk for trauma, abuse, neglect, and developmental delays in the areas of cognitive, language, motor and/or social-emotional functioning. Jasira Child Stars learn self-regulation, emotion regulation, identification and expression skills to manage emotions, calm, soothe and express themselves appropriately.

Jasira Youth Stars

Youth ages 7-10

This group is for youth ages 7-10 years old struggling with anxiety, anger, aggression and emotional outbursts to learn and practice social, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, coping and anger management skills in order to build trusting, positive and supportive relationships to heal, learn and grow.

Jasira Teens Rock

Pre-teen and teens ages 11-17 years old.

This is a self-esteem group for

Jasira Teens Rock will learn about self-esteem, hygiene, grooming, positive thinking, healthy relationships, and assertive communication skills. Members will improve their focus, organizational, and time management skills to reduce and manage stress, through goal oriented relationship building activities, in their lives. 

Jasira Parenting Partners


Jasira parenting partners is designed for caregivers with their own mental health challenges to learn about their role in their child's development. This group explores topics of child self-esteem, discipline, developmental expectations and structure. Caregivers also learn about the importance of meeting their own social-emotional needs and calming and relaxation skills to reduce emotional reactivity to their children's challenging behaviors.

Jasira Family Circle


This group is for families struggling with trust, communication and attachment security to learn and practice effective stress management and coping skills to improve family functioning and the caregivers' ability to read and respond appropriately to their children's mental health needs in order to create trusting and supportive parent-child bonds.  

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